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Skunk ibl,  Huckleberry Kush,  Diesel Ryder

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The Making Of The Wreck

Truly 'Exotic' Cannabis

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The internet is awash with pollen chuckers pumping out totally untested strains, using you as their ginuea pigs!

Don't buy using blind faith, get the facts, see the parental stock, see strains in the making, read germination, grow, bloom and smoke reports before bidding on new breeders lines, we have a large community of medically licensed growers who are only interested in the most stable, medicinally useful strains. Know before you grow!

We have selected certain female strains from various female seed suppliers, we use various sources for our strain data but we only stock a strain after multiple positive reviews.. 

We have a selection of Female Seeds from Dutch Passion - Sensi Seeds - Paradise Seeds and Female Seeds NL, these have proven themselves to produce constant quality strains that customers buy again and again. try some today, you won't be disappointed.

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Get free seeds with your purchase, we carry some top quality, documented strains as our free seed selections, no untested cheap seedstock here! our free seeds must pass strict quality control procedures before being made available to you. Be Sure, be Cannaseur


Our current free seed stock

Mochalope Dynasty Seeds

Huckleberry Kush Dynasty Seeds



Plus we are adding more as they are donated by our resident breeders. Simply Add one to your order before you go through checkout. Enjoy

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Featured Products

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Short About Us

CannaSeur Seedbank, the choice for Connoisseur cultivators, medical users and all those seeking trusted supply of tested seeds. CannaSeur has been supplying the world with only the finest, tried and proven genetics shown and grown at BreedBay.Co.Uk forums.

CannaSeur have been supplying seed for over 10 years, and are also a real world, walk in retail store based in Birmingham, England. You can rest assured that any items purchased via Cannaseur have already proven themselves to stand out in a crowd..